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    Automation Options for your Inground Pool Kit

    September 16, 2013


    There is something new in pool automation every season. This season some of the new features offered are the Hayward Aqua Connect home automation serial interface system. With this feature you can control your swimming pool with your home automation system.

    Another new feature this year is from Zodiac / Jandy is the iAquaLink Web Connect Device. This allows you to control your Aqua Link automated control system from your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android and Blackberry devices.

    One of the most popular selling items that we sell with our inground pool kits are salt water chlorine generators. With most modern pool automation systems, you can add a salt water chlorine cell, and control the cell with your pool controller.

    Pool Automation Systems by Manufacturer

    hayward-aqua-pod-controllerHayward - The most popular automated control system from Hayward is the Pro Logic Total Management system. This takes the work out of owning a pool and spa by giving you complete automation of all pool and spa functions. In regards to controlling your pool equipment, you can either use a hard wired control that is mounted on the wall, typically inside the house, or you can use a wireless handheld remote control. The remote control is the easiest to install because you do not have to run a wire from the power center to the wall mounted control. This allows you to control any pool or spa function and also backyard features such as the fire bowls, lighting and music.

    screen-apps for pool automationPentair - The newest and most popular automated control system is the Intellitouch, which has the option of a hard wired control or wireless remote control of your pool or spa, or pool and spa. You can change programs very easily and also monitor your pool and spa equipment from anywhere. The Intellitouch automation system also offers a Screen Logic app which enables you to control their pool and spa features using the wireless color touch screen with smartphones or tablets. The Screen Logic systems have a new email alert feature which will send email alerts for specific events or problems with an accessory controlled by the automated control system.

    With Intellitouch you can control and monitor the Pentair Intellichlor salt system as well as the all of the other major brands such as Hayward and Autopilot. You can also program and control the Pentair Intellibrite color changing light and Pentair Intelliflo energy efficient variable speed pump.

    zodiac-jandy-pda-wirelessJandy/ Zodiac - The newest and most popular automated control system from Jandy is the iAqualink control system. This system can also be hard wired with the one touch control panel or the most popular is the PDA wireless hand held automated control system. With the PDA wireless system you can program a maximum of 7 auxiliary circuits in addition to pump, heater and solar heating. The PDA hand held remote control is waterproof will even float in your pool, this shows you the air and water temperature allows you to adjust temperature of pool heater or heat pump. The PDA is a web connected device that allows you to have full control of pool equipment, adjust schedules anywhere anytime from any smartphone, tablet or PC, connecting through a wireless or wired connection to your home network.

    What can be Automated with a Pool Controller?

    features that can be automated on a poolWith an automated controller you can control any of your pool, spa or pool spa combination equipment. Set programs for the pool pump, with as many on and off cycles as you like. You can adjust temperature up or down on any type of pool heater, control and monitor a salt water chlorine generator, turn on pool lights or change colors, turn on a pool cleaner, control a waterfall or deck jets, spa blower, backyard lighting, backwashing, music...

    Chemical Controllers

    Most new pool salt systems can be integrated to today's controllers, so that the main controller can see what your salt controller sees. Some systems will allow you to check chlorine levels, increase or decrease chlorine production, or shock the pool, all via remote access.

    hayward-sense-dispenseThe Aqua Plus from Hayward is an automated control system with the Sense and Dispense system included. The Sense and Dispense total pool chemistry option will automatically sense chlorine levels,  ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and pH levels and will dispense proper amounts of chlorine to maintain high oxidation. This system can also control the pH in the pool, adjusting the pool pH level by dispensing Carbon Dioxide or Muriatic Acid into the pool through a solenoid valve.

    Automatic Backwashing?

    praher-automatic-backwash-valves Praher makes an automatic backwash valve for pool filters, which can backwash a sand pool filter based on filter pressure, length of time, or both. This could be a good product for rental properties, or a neat gadget for the pool owner who has everything. Using an automatic backwash valve, it would be smart to also use an auto-fill device, to automatically add water to the pool as needed.

    If you were to design your own inground pool, what level of automation you would like? For most people, the pump timeclock is the extent of the automation. For others, you can have complete view and control of your pool and spa system, from inside the house, office or anywhere there's an internet connection.

    If you want to design automation into your inground pool kit, we can help you design a pool automation solution, from basic to advanced. All at no charge to our SPP pool kit customers. You can build your own inground pool, and we can show you how!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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