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    Animals, Pets and Swimming Pools

    October 27, 2014


    Imagine coming home to finding a wild animal in your pool – whether it is alive and struggling or it has unfortunately drowned, it is not something anyone would want to find in the pool or skimmer. Thankfully, there are products out there that provide a way out for wild animals and beloved pets. Pool ramps for animals and pets comes in the form of a Skamper Ramp, Frog Log or other helpful devices that allow animals to get out of the water.

    Many dogs that even good swimmers can experience issues and even drown. When animals are panicked in the water they have trouble seeing above the water line which is why it can be hard to locate the pool stairs in the water. Pool ramps are easy to install and are clearly visible for dogs to spot in an emergency situation outlined above. Study plastic pool ramps float and are visible to pets.

    Pool Pet Escape Ramps

    pet-safety-rampsAnimals may be able to get out of a pool if there is a wedding cake type of in-pool step but a surprisingly large number of pools do not have steps that are useful for a small dog or animal trying to escape a pool. Skamper Ramp provides a great way for pets and wild animals to get out of your pool. Ramps allow for an easy escape and safe exit of an animal trapped in the pool. Otherwise, they will panic and quickly become exhausted in the water only to drown. Animals with sharp claws can shred the edge of a liner pool as they try to get out of the pool.

    For greater pool pet safety, make sure they know how to properly use the escape ramp or steps, by training your pet to make a safe pool exit. If your pool does have a suitable step or swim out area that your dog can escape from, train them by coaxing them into the pool, and then calmly showing them where and how to exit the pool. The depth of the step can't be deeper than chest level. Some steps are too deep for a small dog or animal to reach the pool deck. For most dogs, they will swim right towards the step the first time, and easily walk out of the pool. Dogs with poor vision or swimming skills, or fear of the water however, can begin to panic and not remember how to find the steps or escape ramp.

    Pool escape ramps come in different sizes – the smallest is the Frog Log and is suitable for bugs, frogs and small woodland creatures. Skamper Ramp makes two sizes of pool escape ramps for dogs and larger animals, up to 200 lbs. If you are a pool owner and a boater, we also carry the Pet Step, an extra long (5 foot) animal ramp for boats. It can also be used on a dock, or even in a pool.

    Pet CPR

    pet-cpr-2If you are too late and see your dog struggling, or even laying motionless, your pet may be in dire need of CPR. it is important to know that CPR on dogs can cause ribs to bruise or break and thus should only be performed under necessary conditions (no practicing).

    First make sure your dog is responsive by talking to it. Talk and rub the dog to see if there is any response. If there is none, the dog may be unconscious, or may have passed. Check for a pulse; if there is no pulse and no response, begin CPR.

    CPR: Lay the dog on a flat surface with one side against the surface and one side facing up. Cup your palms together over the chest with one palm on either side above the heart area. Compress the chest for one inch, or about one-quarter of the width of the chest for a count of one and then let go for a count of one. Carry on at a 100 compression-per minute rate.

    Artificial Respiration: Breathe into the dogs nose once every five compressions. Watch for the chest to rise and wait 2 seconds to allow the air to exhale, before resuming chest compressions. Continue with CPR and artificial respiration until the dog starts to breathe on its own again or until several minutes have passed with no response.

    If you are able to; transport the animal to a vet while continuing to administer animal CPR.  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Pet Expert  

    Blog Author
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