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    Algae Attack Packs Buyer's Guide

    August 21, 2014


    Late Summer Algae Bloom? Not uncommon with hot August temperatures, heavy rains and high pool use.

    SPP has made it easy to strike back at algae with our Algae Attack Packs - just choose your poison, for Green algae, Yellow algae or Black algae. Save 30% over buying the same chemicals separately, and get all you need in one convenient box!

    We created these packs with pre-measured chemical amounts for our inground pool kit customers. Perfect for all pool types up to 30000 gallons. Each Algae Attack Pack includes instructions to specifically battle your algae type - Green, Yellow or Black...  

    Green Algae Pack - use for free floating or attached algae in shades of green spots or sheets. SPP-algae-attack-pack-green

    • 1 qt. Algaecide 60 Plus
    • 6 lbs. pH Reducer
    • 6 lbs. Pool Shock
    • 1 qt. Super Clarifier

    Yellow or Mustard Algae Pack - use to remove yellow or mustard algae. SPP-algae-attack-pack-yellow

    • 4 lbs. Yellow Out
    • 6 lbs. pH Reducer
    • 6 lbs. Pool Shock
    • 1 qt. Super Clarifier

    Black Algae Pack - small dark spots, up to the size of a nickel, with a pronounced 'head' or cap. SPP-algae-attack-pack-black

    • 1 qt. Black Algaecide
    • 6 lbs. pH Reducer
    • 6 lbs. Pool Shock
    • 1 qt. Super Clarifier

    5-Step Algae Treatment

    1. Brush to loosen the algae and allow the chemicals to penetrate through outer layers. Use a steel bristled brush on plaster pools.
    2. Apply pH Reducer (included) to bring your pool pH level down to 6.8 - 7.0 to increase the pool shock power. Test water to be certain of pH level near 7.0.
    3. Add Pool Shock  by dissolving it into a bucket filled with water. Pour around the inside edge of pool. Brush the pool again to disrupt the algae and distribute the shock.
    4. Add Algae Treatment – a specialized algaecide to target your specific algae type and color.
    5. Add Super Clarifier (1 qt) - to assist filter by collecting dead algae into larger clumps for easy filtering.

    Run the pool filter 24/7 during this time, cleaning it as needed to maintain good flow and pressure. When the "shock dust" settles on the floor after a day or two, brush the pool, or vacuum to waste if possible.

    After you have defeated the algae, clean your pool filter by using a pool filter cleaner chemical. This will dislodge the tiny remains of dead algae that can provide food and nutrients to future generations of algae.

    smiley-algae-greenContinue to operate your pool filter at least 12 hours daily, and keep the pH low and the chlorine high, and you should be able to make it through the pool season, without another Algae Attack!

    If you have questions about your algae battle, do not hesitate to give call the SPP Pool Experts at 1-800-983-POOL, or send an email with some pictures!  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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