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    Affordable DIY Pool Cabanas

    June 20, 2016

    Avalon Hotel, Palm Springs

    Adding some summer shade around the pool can help improve the backyard climate, and act as a natural sunscreen for you and the pool.

    I've always loved the style of pool cabanas - it adds a whimsical charm to any pool. Today's blog post is a pictorial about DIY pool cabanas, or cabanas that are cheap to construct and easy to install, (even if you do not actually do it yourself).

    1. Fabric Pavilions:

    These types of pool cabanas are easy to set-up and some of the most affordable ways to add a Pavilion. Should be placed in a sunny area without overhanging trees, which will spoil the bright white color. portofino-pavilion

    Grecian Pavilion 12'x20' has a bold scalloped edge and a matching vent scoop on top to let high winds escape. This looks like it is built into the corners of concrete seats and lounges.


    2. Lean-To Pool Cabanas:

    I'm not sure what to call these, but they remind me of a simple camping shelter known as a lean-to, which has one strong roof and wall, set against the prevailing wind, or for solar pool heat, facing in the direction of the summer sun.


    Here's another lean-to done in aluminum and vinyl, placed on the fence line and art deco-rated in white on white.


    3. Daybed Pool Cabanas

    4 Corner Posts like a simple pavilion, but with a raised platform for large lounges, or daybeds. Use heavy curtains of of canvas to keep them calm in breezes. This beautiful daybed below is from Pottery Barn.


    Below is a built in custom daybed in natural wood by Jason Long Design, Australia.


    4. Cube Pool Cabanas

    These use a cube frame, with an integrated floor or without. They are an off-shoot of the popular Pergola structure that is often used around pools and gardens. Frame up a 4 posts cube with your favorite material and cover with a heavy fabric that can withstand wind, rain and UV rays. Like other cabanas that use fabrics, keep them in a sunny area without overhanging trees.



    And the last one should be called a Cute Pavilion, well actually it's a dual daybed lounger for young and quite small persons.

    If you're looking for a way to add some pizazz to your backyard, let these pictures spark some ideas! Most of these cool pool cabanas and pavilions can be purchased as kits for an affordable price, and many are DIY friendly installation. 

    Some of these also may not require a building permit, but check with your local building and zoning department to be sure.  

    Sheryl Somers
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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