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    Above Ground Pool Safety Tips

    July 13, 2016


    Aboveground swimming pools account for about 40% of all pools in the US, amounting to over 3.6 million installations.

    There is an illusion of greater safety with above the ground pools, mainly due to the fact that it is 'above the ground', however any body of water poses a risk of drowning.

    Any above ground pool safety blog will focus on 3 things: Ladders, Fencing & Gates, and Pool Alarms. We'll also look at pool safety covers for above ground pools, as well as two other categories of pool safety: electrical and chemical safety.

    Aboveground Pool Safety Ladders

    Aboveground pool ladderslocking-pool-ladder-for-above-ground-pool come in two types, those that can be safely locked, and those that cannot. Your basic A-frame pool ladder should be removed from the pool when not in use. Aboveground pool safety ladders can be locked from the outside, or otherwise made non-climbable.

    • Remove pool ladders after using pool, or lock-up / flip-up a safety pool ladder.
    • Remove any other items from nearby the pool that could be used to climb over pool wall.
    • Observe weight limits on aboveground pool ladders, which can collapse under load.

    Aboveground Pool Fences & Gates

    mesh-fence-panel-smIn most areas, all aboveground pools are required by code to have a safety barrier, or pool fence surrounding the pool. Like inground pools, it must be 4-6 ft tall (depending on local codes), non-climbable with gaps smaller than 3", and any gates must be self-closing and self-latching.

    • Test your gates to be sure they self-close and latch securely.
    • Add mesh fence panels, or above ground pool fence for more safety.
    • Pools connected to the house by a wood deck need a secondary fence and gate.

    Aboveground Pool Alarms

    pool-alarms-for-aboveground-poolsThere are 3 types of above ground pool alarms. The first sense sub-surface waves, like the Pool Eye Universal pool alarm that will sound off when an item of 15 lbs or more falls in the pool. The second type senses surface waves, like the Poolguard Safety Buoy. Wearable pool alarms are the third type, like the Safety Turtle wristband pool alarm.

    • Door and Gate Alarms sound when the pool area is breached.
    • Pool Alarms sound when the pool water is breached.
    • Use the pool alarm system that works best for you.

    Aboveground Pool Electrical Safety

    electrcians-to-build-your-own-poolIn general, most above ground pools are electrically safe, but there are a few hazards that exist with the electric pool pump and underwater pool lights.

    • Pool pumps should be plugged directly into a GFCI outlet (no extension cord).
    • Pool lights also must be connected to a GFCI circuit.
    • Inspect switches and cables regularly for safety hazards.

    Aboveground Pool Chemical Safety

    pool-chemicalsKeeping kids safe around aboveground pools also includes keeping pool chemicals safely stored, out of reach of children. Loose bucket lids, or loose storage practices can create dangerous situations. Prevent contamination of chlorine by using dedicated chemical scoops, and preventing any dirt, leaves, bugs or other pool chemicals out of the container, which can ignite or explode.
    • Keep all chemical containers tightly sealed.
    • Keep pool chemicals separated safely.
    • Store liquid pool chemicals at ground level.

    Aboveground Pool Safety Covers

    mesh-pool-cover-sampleAbove ground pools with pool decks completely surrounding the pool can install a safety pool cover, for use during winter, or for whenever you want to prevent access to the pool. They attach to a wood or aluminum pool deck for one of the best barriers you can buy.

    • Safety covers can be made in round, oval or rectangle shapes.
    • Safety pool covers have a 12 year warranty, and many last even longer.
    • Safety pool covers also protect the pool and pool water.

    ~ and above all else, practice safe supervision, teach your kids how to swim, and find moments to teach water safety.  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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