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    Above Ground Pool: Perfect Family Gift!

    December 7, 2015


    Looking for a way to surprise your family for the Holidays? An aboveground pool is a gift that the whole family can enjoy. And even though they can't jump in the pool during December, (unless you live in southern Florida or Texas ), a gift of a pool will bring smiles to everyone's faces.

    You do not have to buy the pool now, of course. And if you have a Christmas tree, it's not going to fit under the tree anyway!

    5 Ways to Gift a Swimming Pool

    1. barbie-toy-poolWrap Up a Small Toy Pool: This is a fun way to get your message across. You can find inexpensive Barbie® pool sets at any toy retailer. Wrap up the box in pretty paper and ribbons, and then enjoy the look on their faces before telling them the meaning. You can also make your own model of an aboveground pool, out of cardboard, wood and plastic. Or, if you like to bake, serve up a swimming pool cake, and they'll get the idea!
    2. Wrap Up the Actual Pool: This requires quick action, to decide on your pool, and then place an order with time to receive the truckline shipment (usually 5-7 days). Once it lands on your driveway, cover it with a tarp tightly, and tell everyone it's a pile of fencing material, or something. Sneak outside under cover of darkness and wrap it with 5 or 6 rolls of festive wrapping paper, or a giant bow, the type used for cars!
    3. Wrap Up a Pool Brochure: Print out the color brochure of the pool you have chosen, and place it in a pretty box, wrapped in layers of blue tissue paper. We'll even send you a brochure print in the mail if you have trouble color-printing the brochure of the pool you've ordered. Extra points if you photoshop your family into the pool picture.
    4. child-swim-setGive Swimming Suits or Gear: Here's another way to get the message across - buy them swim suits, or mask and fins set, pool toys or pool signs, skimmer net, pool brush, etc... that will get used next summer. After several openings of swim related gifts - they'll get the idea, and beg you to divulge the meaning of these aquatic presents!
    5. Give Jars of Blue Water: Place several pretty glass jars of blue-colored water, with name labels on each, topped with an oversized bow, and tied with ribbon. Drop in a bit of sparkly glitter to make it extra special, or paint the jar with pool scenes, if you have artistic talent.

    5 Reasons To Give the Gift of Pool

    1. Family Fun: Swimming pools are fun, and they create powerful memories of splashing around together in the pool. Volleyball/Basketball, Marco Polo or Sharks and Minnows bring families together, as does just being together, relaxing peacefully in the pool.
    2. Fitness: Keeping modern kids active is a challenge with so many activity options nowadays, most of them sedentary. Playing in the pool is great exercise, for the whole body. Even if you're not swimming laps, just playing in the pool burns calories and tones muscles.
    3. One and Done: Not too many holiday gifts can be bought for the whole family, but an aboveground pool purchase can take care of the whole family gift list, all at once!
    4. Swimming Skills: Part of raising healthy kids into healthy adults is teaching your children how to swim. It's an important life skill that is also fun. On the other hand, kids that do not learn to swim, instead learn to fear the water, and become adults, scared of the water.
    5. Because they Want a Pool! Probably the best reason - aboveground-pool-giftare you tiring of hearing "Why can't we get a Pool? A new above ground pool will create some very happy and active kids, and fill their summer afternoons with something other than TV and video games.

    Aboveground pools range from $700 to $2700, depending on size, style and material strength. Order online or call us for assistance in creating the perfect pool package for your family. But hurry; only a few weeks remain to buy at 2015 prices, and help us make room in our warehouse!  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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