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    5-Star Rated Pool Products

    February 28, 2017

    SPP Pool Start-Up Kits are 5-Star Rated

    The people have spoken, and this week we’re taking a look at 8 PoolProducts.com pool supplies that our customers having given the distinguished honor of awarding ★★★★★ 5-Star reviews

    I'll introduce the product with a snappy sentence or two, and share a few  real reviews left by actual SPP poolproducts.com customers.

    SPP Pool Start-Up Kits are 5-Star RatedMake sure you are ready to go with a pool opening kit. It’s almost time to peel back our pool covers, take a deep breath and brace ourselves for what awaits in the water below. Regardless if you are facing a murky quagmire of algae in your pool or just need some clarifying and a little TLC our customers agree that you can’t go wrong with our Start-Up Kits. They contain powerful chlorine Shock, Clarifier, Algaecide, Stain-Away, EZ Pods, and an oil absorbing sponge.

    Best Bang for the Buck

    “This start-up kit provides everything needed to get the season off to a good start. I have used SPP for years and have never been disappointed in any of their products or customer service.” Bill ★★★★★

    Good Closing Kit

    “I've used the start-up and closing deluxe kits the past couple years. The pool is almost clear when the cover comes off and is ready to swim in a couple days. It is much cheaper to buy the kits than individual products.” JES ★★★★★

    Zodiac Baracuda Ranger at SPP is 5-Star RatedIt looks futuristic and complex but the Zodiac Ranger Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner is so much more simple than it looks. With only has one moving part, it's easy to maintain, and comes ready to go. It’s perfect for above ground pools of any depth, a real no- brainer for pool owners that don’t want a complicated pool cleaner. You can keep the hoses all connected and can put it in and take it out of the pool in under a minute, a real time saver.

    Very effective product

    “This pool cleaner is designed for above ground pools, but works on my 12' x 28' Doughboy pool with 1.5 hp pump, and have used this cleaner or one similar to it since 1996. The Ranger can actually climb the vertical pool walls, and my dished deep end, no problem. It has only one moving part, a diaphragm that vibrates, which I've had to replace every few years, but it's a small price to pay.” Mark ★★★★★

    Excellent! It does the work.

    “This is a great vacuum. Just connect to the skimmer and you are all set, it does all the work. You will want to check in on it every once in a while to make sure the hose has not tangled up on itself. Or, if you have a ladder, sometimes it wraps around it. But overall a great convenience, keeps my pool spotless, I use it once or twice per week.” Anjenette ★★★★★

    Pool Perfect with PhosFree is 5-Star Rated Pool Perfect Plus and PHOSfree combines two Natural Chemistry products to clarify and fight pesky algae. Pool Perfect Plus employs the organic-debris eating power of specially crafted enzymes to clarify and fight stains in your pool and on pool surfaces while PHOSfree removes phosphates, the food that gives algae the power to grow. Enzymes are invisible but powerful agents working 24/7 to remove microscopic matter from your pool, but they don't eat Phosphates. Now you can treat both at the same time.

    Great Product

    “For years we have had terrible problems when opening the pool. Our safety cover is great, but we open the pool late and it's always really green. Started using this stuff last spring, again in the summer and then closed the pool with a treatment. This spring is the first time I've been able to see the bottom of my pool when we opened it. Still murky and greenish, but 1000% better. Thank you for this magic bullet!” Austy25 ★★★★★

    Pool Perfect + Phosfree

    Great product. I would recommend it to everyone who has a pool and wants to have better looking water. As I understand it, enzymes eat oils, dirt, algae, basically anything, and so they clean the water by removing (eating) microscopic junk and funk. Since I started using it, my water looks more sparkly and algae has not yet returned. (I'm also using algaecide 60).” NitroKing52 ★★★★★

    Hayward Pro-Series Sand Filters are 5-Star RatedHayward Pro Series Sand Filters (for inground or above ground pools) set the industry standard for sand filters. I personally own one and would recommend it to anyone with a pool. It’s extremely user friendly, effective, and I’ve barely had to perform any kind of maintenance on it in 4 seasons of happy ownership. My 24" sand filter by Hayward manages my 25K+ gallons beautifully, and needs backwashing only every 4-6 weeks. Hayward sand filters are the clear market leader.

    Large Capacity

    I purchased this large sand filter to replace a DE filter for a pool that experiences a large bathing load. The capacity of this filter is amazing! I have an indoor pool and have been filtering the water for about 2 weeks now and the pressure gauge has not budged yet the water is crystal clear!” Ted ★★★★★

    Awesome Filter...

    2 days after I replaced my Cartridge filter with this Sand Filter, my Pool which had been green for 2 weeks was Crystal Clear. The Best Decision I could've Ever made. I even like how it looks, lol. Thanks!” Drumdude ★★★★★

    Hayward H-Series Heaters are 5-Star RatedHayward Universal H-Series Heaters are  one of our top selling heaters, and features advanced technology and universal fitting flexibility so that it is compatible with almost any existing pool system. High Efficiency natural gas and propane gas heaters with digital controls are safe and economical to use, and very low profile and unobtrusive. We have some outstanding reviews for the H-Series so we’ll let our customers do most of the talking on this outstanding heater.

    What A difference

    We replaced a 11 year old Hayward H150 millivolt and replaced with the New Hayward H250DFM. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! What used to take 28 hours to heat our 15,000 gallon pool 16 degrees happens with new heater in 9 hours! Add to this that you have an actual thermostat on the heater and can set the temperature you want, this is great! As far as delivery SPP had unit here in 3 days with superior delivery man service. They called before arriving and placed the heater in my garage. GREAT SERVICE.” Execbcman ★★★★★

    Happy as a Lark!

    We have a 30 yr old 30,000 gal in ground pool. For years my wife has wanted to swim in it on her birthday (10/4). For the past 5 yrs or more we have gone the solar panel route, which are super throughout the summer but, become pretty useless here in northern Ohio by mid September. We are now in our seventies, so we splurged on a pool heater. It arrived on one of the last day in Sept. We plumbed, wired and flipped it on (no surprises) at 3 pm on 10/2 with the pool temp. at 57 degrees! Our goal was 90 degrees and the temp rose about 1 deg/hr, hitting 90 around 10 pm on 10/3. We held it there overnight and on her windy 60 degree birthday, we partied for hours with only our heads above the surface of the spa-like 90 degree water. Later in the day our grand kids joined the fun. What a bucket list BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION ! Thank you Hayward and poolproducts.com!” Frank Elias ★★★★★

    Intex Ultra Frame Swimming PoolsIntex Ultra Frame pools are 5-Star Rated have become wildly popular over the last few years and rightfully so as they offer the joys of owning a backyard pool without straining your budget. Intex Ultra Frame Swimming Pools come in round or rectangular shapes, in a multitude of sizes, and are built to last for years! Intex pools come with everything you need to get started immediately, including filter and pump system, ground cloth, ladder and maintenance kits.

    Only way to go!

    The pool was easy to setup and the salt water system works great. This is the only way to go. It may cost a little more in the beginning but will soon make up the difference in monthly expense of chemicals, mainly chlorine tablets for regular pools. The salt for the system cost me about 30 dollars. I used 160 pounds of salt and the level was a little too high in the pool the directions said it would need 180 pounds. The sand for the filter cost me 10 dollars. The skimmer and tools that came with the pool all work real well. The only thing I can see in this set up that needs improvement is the ladder. If I had an option for a ladder with wider steps and able to hold more weight for a few more dollars it would be worth it.” Sixty Plus ★★★★★

    Updated Review

    I just wanted to write again and say I am still thrilled with our purchase of this pool a year ago. However, we did not have any success with the salt system. It was hard to keep the pool clean, it was forever getting algae, it was not powerful enough to vacuum without blowing through filter cartridges, which was getting expensive. There is just not enough water flow. So we finally purchased a Hayward filtration system that is made for double our pool size. It is a miracle! Our pool is crystal clear, the vacuuming takes no time, I can actually just stir up the bottom of the pool with the brush and the filter does the rest. Chlorine is much easier to manage, and I don't miss buying the filters anymore. I am so glad we purchased this pool, it is so much fun and not much work anymore.” JO IN AZ ★★★★★

    Intex PureSpa Plus are 5-Star RatedForget everything you think you know about portable spas because Intex has completely revolutionized inflatable spas with the PureSpa Plus. Light enough for front door delivery, inflates itself in minutes, and includes everything for hot tub action in about an hour after opening the box. PureSpa Plus is engineered with Intex's exclusive Fiber-Tech material and durable 3-ply I-beam walls so strong that you can actually sit on the walls.


    “Wonder if you really want a hot tub or not? This is a great starter. We love it. and for the price, you just cant beat it.” Daniel ★★★★★

    Super Poxy Shield pool paint is 5-star rated With spring fast-approaching now is the time that many pool owners are taking stock on DIY projects to gear up for another summer around the pool. Super Poxy Shield works on all types of pool surfaces and finishes with a glossy, almost ceramic-like finish. We stand by our entire line of paints and so do our happy customers.A fresh coat of paint on your inground pool can make a world of difference to give your pool a like-new feel that can last up to 8 years.

    Poxy Shield Paint

    First time customer with this company. First, they shipped so very quickly. Most of my order was here in 24 hours; the balance in 48. The poxy shield paint is good pool paint. Mixes quickly, rolls on smoothly, dries fast. We did two coats, well three if you count the touch-ups we did  after the dog walked down into the pool.” Tom ★★★★★

    Great Pool Paint

    Painted over a white fiberglass pool that was looking bad. First used Gunite primer and then the dark blue Poxy paint. The pool looks better than when it was delivered ten years ago. Followed all the steps (washing, sanding, acid etching, washing). Ordered too much paint, but returned the unopened cans to SPP.” Crash ★★★★★

    There you have it, straight from actual users of our products. 5-Star reviews aren't very common for many things these days, and believe me, we have lots of 3-star and 4-star products too - so these are pretty special products that I hope you can find useful.


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    Sheryl Somers
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