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    5 Reasons to Build your Inground Pool Now!

    February 1, 2016

    5-reasons-to-build-your-inground-pool-NOW There may still be snow on the ground, but February is here and it's the perfect time to begin building your own inground pool! At SPP, we specialize in homeowner installed, DIY swimming pool kits. You become the general contractor, organizing the workflow and with the help of your dedicated SPP Pool Experts (like me!) - you can build your own inground pool. If you want to be swimming by Memorial Day you should start now - and here's 5 reasons why ~

    1. Choosing Pool Options: For many people, it can take some time to choose the best size, shape and style of inground pool for the backyard. And once you settle on that, you'll choose a liner pattern, which hopefully won't result in any (big) arguments with your significant other! All of our inground pool kits are available in 3 packages: Basic, Deluxe and Deluxe Plus. The Basic pool kit is our bare bones kit, and the Deluxe Kits are full-featured, with the Plus version having an upgraded pool cleaner and a saltwater chlorinator. Once you make this decision, you may want to carefully consider other upgrades, such as adding an attached spa, slide or diving board, pool heater, or even an automatic cover. And, you'll have to decide on your pool deck type upfront, so we know which type of pool coping to include with your pool kit. A phone call to our SPP Pool Experts can often help shorten the time frame on these decisions.
    2. Pool Plans & Permits: It can take a few days to a few weeks to get a pool permits approved, but always less time when submitted during colder months. Once warm weather arrives - permit application submissions jump up dramatically at most Building & Zoning Departments. Having made your pool choice decisions above will allow you to fill out all of the questions about the pool, and allow for faster approval. They'll want to know exact placement, and what type of filtration is used, and if the pool will be heated - and lots of questions about your plan for a pool safety fence. Many Building Depts. have a "pool packet"; information to assist you in completing the permit application properly, to avoid delays, and in many cases you can find this on your local government agency website.
    3. Hiring Pool Sub-Contractors: Unless you are the owner of a large construction company, you'll need to hire some trades to help you build your own inground pool. First on the list is an excavator to dig the pool, matched with a dump truck to cart off excess dirt that won't be used for backfilling. Secondly is an electrician, to bring power from the main house panel to a sub-panel, located at the pool equipment pad. You may want to hire a pool deck contractor, and perhaps a pool fence contractor, although many of our customers will manage this with their team of workers. Finally, you'll need some deliveries - concrete delivery to pour the concrete collar around the pool, and the pool equipment pad, and also you will need some gravel, for placement under the pool deck and equipment pad. Once the pool is filled with water, you'll need a way to backfill dirt around the pool, up against the pool wall, and to grade the land around the pool, so that rain will flow around the pool and drain off the property - properly.
    4. Time to (Re)Landscape the Pool: Another reason for starting a pool construction project early in the year, is to allow time to restore what used to be your beautiful backyard! As Larry said when he built his pool "it looked like a bomb went off in the backyard!". Late spring is the perfect time to landscape the pool; to lay sod or replant grass, add bushes or ornamental trees. It may not be perfect at first, or normalize until next year, but having time before summer to start the process has benefits.
    5. Pool Deck and Fencing: In order to prevent problems with the perimeter pool deck settling, it is recommended to wait 2-4 weeks after backfilling to pour a concrete deck, or sub deck if you're using deck pavers or stone. Again, getting an early start to the pool construction process will allow you to have a beautiful new pool deck placed in time for summer fun. And before you can use the pool, temporary pool fencing will need to be removed and permanent pool fencing installed, so the pool inspector can give you the final approvals, and sign off on the last of the pool inspections - just in time for summer!

    Start to finish - building your own inground pool can take 2 - 8 weeks. If you want to Fast Track the pool project and use our exclusive Rent-a-Randy service, booking now will ensure a spot on his calendar, and ensure that your pool construction can go from excavation to backfill in just one week. Even if you do hire Randy as the General Contractor, you still have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of preparation, to lay the groundwork for his arrival.

    So you see - Now really is the best time to start your inground pool project. You can build your own inground vinyl pool, and we can show you how! And you're never alone; when you buy an inground pool kit from SPP - you get unlimited and totally free support from start to finish, with your own dedicated SPP Pool Expert (like me!) to guide the way, and answer any questions along the way.

    Sheryl Somers

    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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