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    Inground Pool Kits: Planning for the Process

    March 18, 2013


    The first thing a DIY pool kit planner should do is to plan out the project with your city or town, and obtain your required permits.  After this, you can purchase your pool kit, and everything you’ll need for the complete installation, along with any additional equipment (bells and whistles) that you want to install during construction.

    Deciding what parts of the installation process you can do and what parts you intend to hire others to perform, may be the next big planning phase. A big part of this process is to schedule installation processes in a logical order, with a timeline for the pool kit installation, involving subcontractors and materials delivery.

    Scheduling inspections required by your town or city is another important part of a pool kit installation process. There are usually several inspections, at different phases of a pool construction. Thoughtful scheduling can make your installation go smoothly for you and for sub-contractors, by avoiding delays of several days, waiting for inspections in order to continue the pool build.

    Let’s break these phases down a little bit further, to provide some guidelines on managing an inground pool kit project.

    Inground Pool Project: Pool Permits

    Make a proper plan for your inground pool, and be aware of any restrictions to building an inground pool in your state, country, city or HOA. Staying organized during your pool kit project is important. You need some system to keep track of who, what, where and when. If you need to know "how", you can keep reading this fine blog, or if you are an SPP pool kit customer, contact us for unlimited pool construction support.pool-permit-approval-

    • Get pool permit applications from your city or town
    • Draw up a plan showing pool, house, and property lines
    • File your pool permit and get approval to start your pool project
    • Find out what pool construction inspections are required, and when
    • Make the call to Dig Safe to have the property marked for underground utilities

    Inground Pool Project: Pool Purchase

    Shopping for inground pool kits is not too complicated. You will need to spend time however comparing what's included in different pool kits, as well as pool kit prices and the online pool dealer themselves. There are lots of cheap pool kits out there. SPP pool kits are made of top quality components, and our pool kit packages are the most complete pool kits you'll find online.

    You should also look into your pool dealer before you buy. Check with BBB online and read some online reviews first. Consider the service after the sale; many pool kit dealers do not have the world class customer service and pool kit technical support that we have - and no one else has the Rent-A-Randy program.

    • Decide on pool shape and size.
    • Decide on pool wall type - Steel or Polymer
    • Decide on optional pool equipment upgrades
    • Select a pool kit dealer, place your order
    • Plan on delivery and storage of pool kit

    Inground Pool Project: Pool Planning

    In this phase of pool planning, you want to figure out what part of the installation you will be doing yourself and what parts you will have performed by sub contractors. Make a list of the types of pool contractors you’ll need to call, excavation, concrete delivery service, electrician, water delivery. Call and get prices from multiple contractors in each category, decide which ones you will use and lock them in on a schedule.pool kit construction calendar

    • Make a list of all the jobs you need to contract - 'what'
    • Get Prices / Quotes from Subs - 'how much'
    • Decide on which contractors to use - 'who'
    • Plan on proper access for heavy equipment - 'where'
    • Create a Calendar or Timeline for all phases of pool kit construction - 'when'

    Schedule Contractors

    When you reach this stage, you can begin to schedule a timeline for each contractor and for each inspection. It's best to plan out what materials you would need for yourself or for each contractor. Here's a short list.

    • For excavation, you’ll need a trac-hoe or back-hoe,  and possibly a dump truck for removalexcavator
    • For electrical work, usually provided by electrician
    • For backfilling, a skid-steer loader after concrete collar, and inspections
    • For labor help with pool kit assembly and installation

    Schedule Materials

    You'll want to make a list of all materials that you may need for the job, and schedule when the materials are needed and how these materials are getting to the pool construction site. Here's another short list.

    • For pool walls and steps, 8” x 16” patio blocks and shakes for shims
    • For plumbing work, saw, pipe dope, PVC glue and cleaner
    • For pool floor work, vermiculite, or a sand and Portland cement mix
    • For water delivery, unless you plan to fill from a hoseconcrete-truck-diy-pool-project
    • Gravel delivery for pool deck areas, or for other uses
    • Concrete delivery for the concrete collar or pool foundation

    Pool Kit Construction Process:

    Here's a sample rough outline of what a 6-day pool installation might look like. It can be done faster - in fact, my pool was built (with Randy's help), in under 4 days! With a smaller team of people, plus sub-contractors - 5 or 6 days may be a more realistic goal. After these pool construction items are complete, there is still the pool deck and landscaping to think about. These are usually done in the next few weeks or months.

    • Day 1: dig pool and pipe trench
    • Day 2: assemble walls and steps
    • Day 3: pour concrete collar, install pool floor
    • Day 4: electrical work, concrete collar inspection, pool liner installation
    • Day 5: water delivery or fill, electrical inspection, pool plumbing
    • Day 6: backfill pool, install equipment, start up pool and balance pool water

    My best advice to you in planning a pool kit project is do all your scheduling as soon as you can. During pool season, most of the 'good' contractors you will need are usually very busy. Planning in advance, scheduling and confirming will make your pool kit project much easier to manage. Whether you use just pen and paper, or DIY inground pool project management tools, keep yourself organized and your pool project will be faster and easier.

    If you have any questions on any of these pool kit planning ideas, give us a call here at Specialty Pool Products - 800-983-7665. I can be reached, as can any of the other pool experts at SPP.  

    Larry Weinberg
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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