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    20 of the World's Best Inground Vinyl Pools

    December 11, 2014


    When building either a steel wall or polymer wall inground pool kit we can create just about any size or shape you are interested in building.  We have 20 standard shapes and 4 to 5 sizes within each shape. Specialty Pool Products can design a custom shaped pool kit; any design is possible!

    In this blog you will see many inground vinyl pools to showcase what is available in modern vinyl pool design. Some of these pools are actually SPP pool kits, DIY built by homeowners just like you around the country, and can give you an idea of vinyl pool options and features.

    I had a customer who is hockey fanatic and we designed a pool that looked like a hockey stick with a puck on the stick (the puck was a spill over spa). We can do anything you want!


    This pool above is a 16’x32’ Lagoon Steel wall vinyl liner pool with bullnose coping and brick paver patio. This customer purchased their pool from SPP and we also helped with questions during the installation process. Some of the features of this pool is a custom built waterfall, LED color pool lighting and salt generator. This pool is in Virginia.


    This pool above is a 18’x36’ Oasis steel wall vinyl liner pool with a poured concrete deck.  This customer also purchased their pool from SPP and was built by our installer Randy utilizing our Rent A Randy installation program. Some of the features of this pool is a 8ft round spill over spa, 6ft buddy seat, Hayward Color Logic LED lighting and also has a salt water chlorine generator. This customer resides in Chicago IL.


    This pool is an 18’x36’ rectangle steel wall pool with 2ft radius corners (we also call this our Bahama Rectangle pool). This customer purchased his pool from Specialty Pool Products and was built by the homeowner with our assistance over the telephone. Some of the features on this pool are 8ft walk in step, set of 2 deck jets which creates a stream of water from the deck into the pool and a built in volleyball net. This customer lives in Arkansas.


    This pool is a custom 16’x42’x34’ full L steel wall pool with 2ft radius corners. This pool was purchased from Specialty Pool Products and built by the homeowner.  Some of the features on this pool are the 8ft walk in step, In deck mounted volley ball game and In Deck Basketball Game. This customer resides in Ohio.


    This pool is a 20’x40’ rectangle steel wall pool with 2ft radius corners. This pool was built by the homeowner with assistance from SPP over the phone. Some of the features on this pool are the 8ft walk in step, beautiful stamped concrete patio, custom built wall, pool spills over through waterfall in wall into pond in yard. This customer resides in Illinois.


    Custom Freeform shaped pool vinyl liner pool by Burton Pools, in Arkansas. Geometric design makes full use of the space, and the pillars and cascading fountains add an air of elegance to this vinyl pool. Stone coping matches the color of the rock walls, and the gardens add more contrasting color.


    22'x36' Lagoon pool, by Foxx Pools, has a large planter with waterfall and a brick and paver pool deck. Small garden house doubles as a place to store pool chemicals and tools.


    Built by PoolTown, in New Jersey, this vinyl masterpiece incorporates a custom slide and waterfall hiding a small seating area. Colorful landscaping with a mix of evergreen and flowering plants adds the finishing touch. Attached spa is also part of this pool, not shown in picture.


    Winnepeg, Manitoba, in Canada now has it's first guitar pool. And not just any guitar, but a Les Paul custom guitar, honored in blue vinyl. Vinyl pool builder Aqua Tech built the 62' long custom pool, which took about 8 weeks to build. The liner has a custom shape of course, but also custom printing, to mimic guitar strings and pickup leads.


    S&S Pools, in Moore, Oklahoma is shown above using one of the many available steel steps that can be placed under the liner. In this case, a tanning shelf and fountain combine with a wedding cake entrance step to make an elegant statement. There are many types of under-vinyl steps, ledges and benches that can be added to your vinyl pool kit.


    In another example of under-vinyl ledges and steps, this freeform vinyl pool was built by Swimming Pools by Jack Anthony. Award winning design also used a raised wall to house a spa and waterfall surrounded by lush plantings. Topped it off with an expansive, curved and custom stone decking.


    Butler Pool and Spa in Mississippi has become an expert in the south for creating custom waterfalls, and combining a slide just makes perfect sense. A frame of earth and block is plumbed for water and topped off with a stone veneer, in your choice of color and pattern. Add some large planters and you're done!


    Engineered Pool Supplies Ltd., in the UK is responsible for this beautiful 30'x60' indoor vinyl pool. Automatic pool cover keeps humidity levels manageable, and the tall windows let in natural light. The arched ceilings are reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral, the Church of Pool perhaps.


    Vinyl Liner Freeform inground pool with fiber optic lighting around the Perimter and also in pool LED lighting and landscape lighting. With a light controller, one can change colors of the lighting at any time.


    This 18’x36’ freeform Oasis steel wall inground pool kit has stone coping, custom rock waterfall and 2 deck jets. The coping stone is flagstone and the pool deck is exposed aggregate. White ladders and rails and nice pool furniture complete the pool.


    Freeform vinyl liner pool with a rock waterfall, in deck basketball hoop and a stamped concrete patio. Coping is rough hewn blocks of locally quarried rock. Planter area is cut into the deck to break up the deck. Interesting shape, looks to me like a bird in the hand.


    Small pools are cool, too! This one is from Regina pools in Baltimore, Md. The low retaining wall houses 3 scuppers, or wall sconces, and also serves as a wind block, leaf block and flooding waters block. Drop in steps fit this kidney shaped pool well, and the pool deck is colored and stamped concrete. Just needs some plants in the planters!


    If you live in Columbus, Indiana, you could build your own rectangle vinyl pool with automatic cover. This pool, built by Raft to Rafters Pool & Spa, uses under-vinyl corner steps and a long bench along the wall. Grecian fountain is resting on the safety line, ready for action!


    If you've always wanted an island in your pool, you can make it any shape you want, even add sand and a palm tree! Or, as in this case with this pool built by Poseidon Pools in Ohio, you can add a Lazy River feature to your pool, and let everyone spread out!


    This is a 16’x32’ wall inground pool kit with large marble planter with two small Sheer Descents and one wall spout. This pool was purchased through SPP and built by the homeowner in upstate New York. Brick coping surrounds the pool edge and matches perfectly with the stampcrete pool deck.

    As you can see from the photos above  just about any shaped pool can be built with a vinyl liner. Please give us a call if you would like us to help you create your backyard paradise. We have been selling self-installed inground pool kits since 1994 and we were the first company in the entire country to do so - see more about our Do It Yourself inground pool kits.

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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