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    10 Swimming Pool Products I Love

    May 22, 2015


    Pool accessories, tools, supplies and parts are our business here at SPP, we have thousands of cool pool tools. Over the years, I've tried just about everything that seemed interesting and affordable. Some products didn't live up to the hype, or are no longer in my service.

    There are however, my favorite pool tools, chemicals or items that I use constantly and can't imagine living without. I guess you could call it my "Desert Island" favorites. If I was stranded on a desert island, these are the pool tools I would miss having.

    Leaf Rake

    Leaf Rakes are so much better than the flat type of pool nets. They can be pushed, pulled or dragged around the surface as you walk briskly around the pool. Leaf Rakes are also the easiest tool for scooping large piles of leaves or picking up pool toys on the bottom of the pool.

    When you get really good with using it as a scooper, you can pick up a quarter off the floor! There are two types of Leaf Rakes, Standard & Premium (standard shown here) - I would recommend paying a few dollars more for the better leaf rake. And if you have real heavy leaves to deal with, buy two so you do not have to do it alone!

    Filter Savers

    Filter Savers are used in your skimmer basket or pump basket to trap very fine debris. If you have a lot of blossoming trees around your pool like I do, using a Filter Saver to catch pollen, sap, dirt, dust, whatever blows in your pool.

    I only need to use mine for a few weeks in the spring, but if your pool filter is a bit small, this simple skimmer sock will improve your filtration. You'll actually see the debris it catches - dust, dog hair, dandruff, down to a ridiculously small 3 microns.

    3-way Pool Pole

    3-way poles - the design looks flimsy I always thought - but mine is still with me today , after 10 (?) years, and I love how it gives extra reach, to 21' total length, which is good for brushing the pool or dredging leaves from the bottom.

    I had always owned the two-section pool poles for many years, the standard 8' to 15' telescopic pool pole. One year I was down to one pole and it broke on a Saturday. I borrowed my neighbor's pole, a 3-piece tele-pole, and I absolutely fell in love with how it feels - lighter and more balanced.

    Leaf Gulper

    Leaf Gulper - Speaking of dredging leaves from the bottom, once or twice per year we get these hellacious storms that throw hundreds, thousands of leaves into the pool. When it's really bad, we break out the Leaf Gulper and attach it to the garden hose.

    If you have good hose pressure, it's a very fast way to vacuum leaves and small branches. If you have a Polaris pool cleaner with booster pump, you can also attach the Leaf Gulper to the wall connection, for a super powerful vacuum! For big leaf jobs, a 5 ft tall debris bag is available (standard bag shown).

    Fun Thermometer

    Fun pool thermometers are just one of those ways to add a little whimsy to your pool! They're cute and also serve a very important function. Even if you have a fancy pool heater with a digital temperature display, who wants to walk all the way through the mud and spiky holly leaves to get the water temperature?

    Everyone loves it, and everyone has to check the temperature at some point during their swim! But if you do not like ducks in the pool, you can choose a shark or penguin thermometer for your pool.


    SeaKlear Natural Clarifier is a natural product, made from crushed up crab shells and lobster shells. Really! There is a special chemical called chitin that is squeezed out of the exoskeletons of crustaceons. The natural polymer works great as a coagulant, and it also breaks down oil on the water surface.

    SeaKlear is used in many water treatment processes, not just for pools. In my own pool, I add 12 oz after opening the pool and then 4 oz each week for a few weeks, and then it's good for the rest of the season. One bottle can last me two years.


    Phos-Free is another natural chemical, a phosphate remover for pools and spas. Phosphates are naturally occurring and abundant everywhere. They wash into the pool from wind, rain, trees, mulch, dogs, ducks, and become food for algae. When phosphate levels are high enough, it becomes difficult to get rid of algae completely, or permanently.

    If your pool opens like a green swamp, or if you have annual summertime algae battles, it's likely that you have high phosphate levels. Phos-Free is used as a preventative measure for algae. You can test your pool for phophates too, with a test strip.

    Deluxe Test Kit

    Taylor Deluxe Test Kit is known by many names like the 'complete dpd kit', 'pool manager's test kit', 'K2005' test kit. We call it the "Deluxe" and it has everything you need to do full scale pool water analysis. Many pool stores use this kit to offer their "Free" water testing service.

    The Taylor Deluxe DPD kit tests for pH (with Acid Demand and Base Demand tests), Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid and Chlorine - Free, Total and Combined. Having a good test kit, and using it twice per week will prevent many water problems or damage to equipment the pool from harsh water.

    Water Wizard

    My Water Wizard is a utility pump that I bought for my winter pool cover, to use as a cover pump. That was over 15 years ago, and it's still going strong. I've also found many other uses for the pump around the house. It can be used for basement or yard de-watering, or lowering the pool water level.

    It pumps 1200 gallons per hour at full speed, probably averages around 1000 gph, which means it's also big enough to drain a pool for repairs or liner replacements. Comes with a garden hose adapter, 25 ft. cord, and stabilization plate. Can also be ordered with automatic shut-off.

    Filter Perfect

    Filter Perfect pool filter cleaner is a must for any sand filter user. After a long pool season, a sand filter builds up oils and gunk in the top few inches of the sand bed. If you do not believe me, stick your hand in there, and pull out a fist full! Oils and grease and minerals and dirt and yuck, all mixed together in what are nicely termed 'mud-balls'.

    Oils and minerals clog filters which severely hampers your filtration, and also gives bacteria a nice, safe place to call home. Using enzymes in your pool can remove oils and grease, or you can let your filter do the work, and then de-grease the filter. Natural Chemistry's enzyme based Filter Perfect works on all pool filter types, use once or twice per year.

    ~~~These are the 10 pool products that I couldn't live without. I do not use them all everyday, but when I am without these items, or if I stop using them for a season, I can honestly say that I can see a difference.

    Happy Spring!  

    Debbie Farnan
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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