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    Pool Blog
    The Specialty Pool Products blog is the perfect place to find pool expert tips and useful information on everything involving a pool. Whether you own an above ground or inground pool, spa or hot tub, or don’t own a pool at all but are thinking about investing in one, look through the SPP blog to learn what the pool pros and experienced pool owners do to make your pool experience better, safer and more enjoyable.

    National Pool Opening Day is Here!

    National Pool Opening Day is the last Saturday in April! If you are wondering when to open the pool, join millions of other people April 30 for National Pool Opening Day, start-up the pool and fire up the grills!Read Blog

    Pool Opening Checklist: 15 Pool Supplies to Have on Hand

    15 items that I can't live without when opening my own inground pool. Our pool opening supplies checklist includes cover tools, start-up chemicals, hand tools, replacement parts, cleaning tools, lubricants - and 9 kinds of other things.Read Blog

    Flooded Inground Pool: 10-Steps to Recovery

    Mudslides into pools, overflowing river banks, and widespread floods can wreak all sorts of havoc on an inground pool. Here's how to clean up - 10 steps to restore your pool, and your sanity!Read Blog

    Landscaping Pools - Hiring a Landscaper that Knows Pools

    When you have landscaping close to the pool, integrated even, it can create challenges for pool water quality. How to hire and train a landscaper to work around your pool - to avoid contamination with soils, fertilizers, debris...Read Blog

    5-Star Rated Pool Products

    Not Rated by JD Power, but by real pool owners like yourself. 8 pool products that are all rated 5-Stars (with over 2 dozen reviews), so you could call this post 8 Popular Pool Products!Read Blog

    Foam Pool Floats: Unsinkable Myth & Truth

    Frank Rizzo sets out to sink the unsinkable closed cell foam pool float. He learns the pool float isn't only unsinkable but really comfortable to float on, too.Read Blog

    Dogs & Pools: Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Pools Bad for Dogs? Are Dogs Bad for Pools? These questions and many more answered regarding your pet dog and your backyard pool.Read Blog

    My Vision of the (Near) Future Pool

    Connected homes, products and appliances are quickly becoming part of our every day lives. Why not enjoy the same tech advances for our pool products? Let's take a look at what a future pool could have and look like.Read Blog

    Renting Out Your Home With A Pool?

    Renting out your home, so popular in our new sharing economy with sites like VRBO and AirBnB - but what if you have a pool? Tips on renting your home, when you have a pool to worry about.Read Blog

    A Christmas Story: from BB's to Cannonballs

    My Red Ryder Air Rifle had been collecting dust, and I had set my sights on bigger and better things. My little brother Randy and I had co-conspired to hit up The Old Man for the whopper of all backyard luxuries: our very own swimming pool.Read Blog

    The Hidden Benefits of Automatic Pool Chlorinators

    Should you use a pool chlorinator? YES. You can't put tabs in the skimmer, and floaters can tip over or spill bits of tablet. Plus, there are other hidden benefits to using automatic chlorinators...Read Blog

    10 Great Holiday Gift Ideas

    Great gifts for the pool owner, pool kid or any pool and spa enthusiast! Good to Give Gifts are perfect for holiday gift giving, or any time of year.Read Blog

    Don't Be A Turkey Around the Pool

    Whether you're visiting for Thanksgiving or going on the great family vacation to escape winter, know how to be careful around the pool. And for the love of chlorine, keep an eye on the kids out back.Read Blog

    Pool Equipment Beautification

    Pool equipment beautification - or how to hide your pool equipment and add storage for pool tools and supplies. Hiding your pool pump and filter from view and earshot.Read Blog

    SPP Blog: Vinyl Swimming Pool Information

    From installing your own pool to spring pool opening, regular maintenance and through pool closing in the fall, the Specialty Pool Products blog is the single place to find the most expert information along with new ideas and tips from experience pool owners. Find step-by-step instructions for many pool management activities like pool closings, pool openings and safety cover installation, or you can simply browse through the hundreds of different pool and spa topics to simply learn more about anything involving your pool or pool area.

    The PoolProducts.com blog is a great place to learn about pool products to make your pool maintenance easier. There are many blog posts about pool chemistry as well, where you can find highly useful information about what chemicals to use, how much to use and when to use them to make your pool safer and clearer with more efficiency and effectiveness. The SPP blog contains a long list of articles that focus solely on pool and spa chemicals, each blog post providing new and fresh information to help make you a better pool, spa or hot tub owner.

    If you own a pool, no matter its size, the Specialty Pool Products swimming pool blog holds a wealth of information to help make your pool maintenance and swimming experience much more enjoyable while saving you some money.

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