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    Pool Blog
    The Specialty Pool Products blog is the perfect place to find pool expert tips and useful information on everything involving a pool. Whether you own an above ground or inground pool, spa or hot tub, or don’t own a pool at all but are thinking about investing in one, look through the SPP blog to learn what the pool pros and experienced pool owners do to make your pool experience better, safer and more enjoyable.

    Pool Safety During Winter

    Winter pool safety is important - for both snowbelt and sunbelt pools. Quick read on how to keep pool safety top of mind, all year round.Read Blog

    Pool Phosphates: How to Deal

    If you are having extreme water clarity or pool algae, and - your filtration is sufficient and water chemistry is very good - you may have a pool phosphate problem.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Electrical Safety

    How to check over your inground pool for electrical safety hazards. Pool lights, grounding/bonding, and those Darwin award winners, for your pool safety.Read Blog

    Small Inground Pool Cost

    You can build a small inground pool for under $10000, with our DIY vinyl pool kits. Read actual costs for inground pool construction, half-price when you DIYRead Blog

    5 Hidden Surprises of Inground Pool Construction

    5 hidden surprises to avoid when building an inground pool. Hidden costs and unanticipated difficulties can slow down the job, and cost you money.Read Blog

    Wrinkles in Pool Liners Cause, Prevention, Removal

    Wrinkles in pool liners come from a variety of sources, the causes of pool liner wrinkles and how to prevent and remove vinyl liner wrinkles in pools.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Winterization in 6 Steps

    Winterize your own pool! This year will be my 20th pool winterization. I've saved thousands of dollars, for under 50 hours of my time. Close your pool in 6 steps!Read Blog

    Safety Pool Cover Replacements

    Solid or mesh safety pool cover replacement with new doesn't have to be hard. 3 ways to have a duplicate safety cover to match up to your existing anchors.Read Blog

    Best Big Pool Floats

    Big pool floats for large adults. I've tried most of them, and here's my list of 5 big pool floats for big and tall adults, that won't sink or tip in use.Read Blog

    5 Minute Inground Pool Winterization

    OK, maybe this will take longer than 5 minutes, sorry! If you want to do more, for instance, blow out the lines with air, put a winter cover on the pool, or addRead Blog

    Inground Pool Cover Care

    And there you have it, some tips on making your pool cover maintenance easier. Or, more work for you, in case you thought you were done with pool maintenanceRead Blog

    10 Awesome Above Ground Pool Deck Designs

    Now here's a unique above ground pool design. Pool deck is placed at ground level, and the pool walls and top rails are wrapped in wood, with extra wide planks.Read Blog

    Landscaping Around Your Inground Pool

    One other tip - do not be afraid to change things around if they do not work out. Ten years from now, if a 50 ft Blue Spruce is blocking your tanning hour, take it down and start over. Landscaping around your inground pool.Read Blog

    Weather-Proof Your Outdoor Pool Equipment

    Finish winterizing your pool and cover it for the dormant months ahead. The freezing and thawing of water can wreak havoc on your equipment. Here's extra steps you can take to weather proof your pool equipment.Read Blog

    How To Prepare Your Site For a New Aboveground Pool

    When choosing your pool location, watch to see what area the sun hits best, for the longest part of the day. Try to choose an area that doesn't have overhanging trees or branchesRead Blog

    SPP Blog: Vinyl Swimming Pool Information

    From installing your own pool to spring pool opening, regular maintenance and through pool closing in the fall, the Specialty Pool Products blog is the single place to find the most expert information along with new ideas and tips from experience pool owners. Find step-by-step instructions for many pool management activities like pool closings, pool openings and safety cover installation, or you can simply browse through the hundreds of different pool and spa topics to simply learn more about anything involving your pool or pool area.

    The PoolProducts.com blog is a great place to learn about pool products to make your pool maintenance easier, like winter closing kits and other pool chemicals and alternatives such as mineral purifiers and chlorine-free chemicals. There are many blog posts regarding pool chemistry as well, where you can find highly useful information about what chemicals to use, how much to use and when to use them to make your pool safer and clearer with more efficiency and effectiveness. Read details on what makes chlorine different than bromine and which was is better suited for what you need in your pool or spa. In fact, the SPP blog contains a long list of articles that focus solely on pool and spa chemicals, each blog post providing new and fresh information to help make you a better pool, spa or hot tub owner.

    When it comes to pool equipment, like robotic pool cleaners or pool filter systems, check out our blog for various articles on what automatic cleaner is best for your pool along with how to assemble your cleaner and use it properly like the pros do. You will also find detailed information on how to correctly size your pool pump and filter according to your pool’s capacity and whether it’s an inground or above ground pool. Reading through information like this can help you not only pick up the right set up, but save money by not having too small of a pump or too big of a filter than what your pool really needs.

    Learn through step-by-step instructions on how to replace your vinyl pool liner. See the tricks and learn the tips professional pool installers use to make the replacement or initial liner installation process easier and to make sure you get the liner in the right way the first time. The same holds true for safety covers and winter cover installation. Find many articles on the proper ways to install the different types of safety covers, and learn why a mesh cover might be better for you than a solid winter cover.

    If you own a pool, no matter its size, the Specialty Pool Products blog holds a wealth of information to help make your pool maintenance and swimming experience much more enjoyable and satisfying all while perhaps even saving you some money. Check out our blog often as new articles are posted regularly and see what’s new in the pool industry and what you can learn to make your pool life better.

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