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SPP Non-Chlorine Pool Shock
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SPP Non-Chlorine Pool Shock

Swim Right After Shocking Your Pool

Our Chlorine-free Pool Shock is a powerful oxidizing agent that works great with Bromine and Chlorine-based water sanitizers. SPP Non-Chlorine Pool Shock effectively burns off "dead" chlorine cells, for a higher free chlorine reading - and more sanitizing power. Swimmers must wait 15 minutes to swim after Shock treatments.

  • A must for weekly pool shocking, to remove bacteria and other harmful contaminants
  • An ideal Shock Treatment for pool owners who sanitize with Bromine and Chlorine
  • 45% Potassium Monopersulfate, 57% inert ingrediants (with a minimum of 4.5% available active oxygen)
  • Comes in convenient 1 Lb. bags
  • Weekly dosage is 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons of pool water

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Chlor-Free Shock - Six 1 Lb
Chlor-Free Shock - 12 x 1 Lb
$34.99 $34.98
Chlor-Free Shock - 24 x 1 Lb
Chlor-Free Shock - 48 x 1 Lb
Chlor-Free Shock 96 x 1 Lb.
Chlor-Free Shock 192 x 1 Lb.
Chlor-Free Shock 480 x 1 Lb
Chlor-Free Shock 50 Lb. Pail
Chlor-Free Shock 100 Lb (2 x 50 Lb Pail)
Chlor-Free Shock 200 Lb (4 x 50 Lb Pail)
Chlor-Free Shock 500 (10 x 50 Lb Pail)

  • Delivers a higher "free" chlorine reading (for more Shock power)
  • Compare to Oxy-Brite®, Shocktrine® and Impact®
  • Safe to swim right after treatments, no harsh chemicals!
  • Pre-dissolve in a bucket of water, then broadcast into pool
  • Will not raise calcium hardness level, or impact levels of other pool water chemicals
  • pH Neutral

Non-Chlorine Pool Shock

There's no doubt about the need to sanitize your pool water but many pool owners prefer not to use chlorine because of its harsh affects on skin, hair, and eyes as well as its strong smell. Luckily, there are non-chlorine pool shock alternatives that oxidize bacteria and other organic contaminants without the need for chlorine. Chlorine free pool shock is as effective as its chlorine based counterparts but usually relies on another oxidizer like Potassium Monopersulfate.

One of the major benefits of chlorine free swimming pool shock is that you can swim almost immediately after shocking your pool. Non-chlorine pool shock has a neutral pH so it will not affect the pH of your pool making it safer for swimmers. Moreover, many pool owners prefer non-chlorine pool shock because it doesn't affect other measures of water quality like calcium hardness or scaling.

  • Remove pool contaminants without chlorine
  • Fast, safe, and effective sanitation
  • Enjoy more comfortable swimming water
  • Swim within an hour after shock treatment

The benefits of non-chlorine pool shock should be fairly obvious at this point. Non-chlorine swimming pool shock treatments are preferred by swimmers with sensitivity to chlorine and other chemicals. Plus, since chlorine free pool shock won't affect your pH or calcium hardness many pool owners find it easier to maintain water balance with chlorine free swimming pool shock. Still, there are also benefits to chlorine based alternatives so be sure that you choose the right product for your pool.

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