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Pool Chemicals

Pool Chemicals

Chlorine & Bromine  Start-Up Kits & Value Packs Shock & Super Chlorinating Chemicals

America's Favorite Sanitizers, for LESS! Choose 1" Tabs, 3" Tabs, Sticks or Granular.

Buy Everything you Need in 1 Convenient Pack & SAVE!

For Start-up & All Season
Long! Chlorine, Non-Chlorine & Lithium based formulas.

Water Balancing Chemicals Water Test Kits & Testing Supplies Algaecides

Control pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness & more, with these powerful formulas.

Strips, liquid & digital test kits for Chlorine, Salt Systems, Bromine, Biguanide & more.

Powerful, effective treatments to control all types of Algae, all season long.

Clarifiers & Cleaning Chemicals Stain Removal & Stain Prevention Natural Chemistry Enzyme Chemicals

A full range of options for sparkling clear pool water, without the hassle.

Easy-to-use products that remove & prevent surface, water & cover stains.

All-Natural, effective pool chemicals, safe for people, pets & the planet.

Chlorine-Free & Alternative Chemicals Winter Closing Kits & Chemicals Chemical Systems & Feeders

Nature2 & Pool Frog Mineral Systems, Salt, Ozone & other methods of sanitizing pools.

Everything you need for a quick, inexpensive pool opening this year.

Automatically Dispense Chemicals for Hassle-Free Pool & Spa Maintenance!

Swimming Pool Chemicals for Aboveground and Inground Swimming Pools

The appeal of any swimming pool is in the water itself. It's what we're drawn to, it's the reason we love swimming pools! Understanding the basics of pool chemicals is essential to maintaining (and enjoying) your swimming pool. Factors including algae, body oils & lotions, pH, hardness etc in the water can impact swimmers, as well as the life of your pool & pool equipment. Knowing how to read & manipulate various levels in your pool water will save you time, money, effort, and frustration. And if you have any questions about pool water maintenance the Pool Experts at Specialty Pool Products are only a phone call away, at 1-800-983-7665.

Maintaining your pool water is done through the use of swimming pool chemicals. Every swimming pool, whether inground, aboveground, indoors or outdoors, requires the same basic inventory of pool chemicals, just at different concentrations depending on the size, use, location and type of swimming pool. The vast majority of pool chemicals fall into one of the following classes: sanitizers, shocks, algaecides, balancing chemicals, and specialty chemicals. At Specialty Pool Products, we carry a complete line of top-quality swimming pool chemicals and spa/hot tub chemicals, at the lowest prices available. And many of our most popular chemicals are available with delivery in as little as 1-day!

Balancing Chemicals: These chemicals are designed to adjust pH & alkalinity hardness, chlorine & stabilizer levels, etc. A good water testing kit will enable you to read specific levels and make adjustments based on those readings. For example, conditioners (also known as "stabilizers") can shield chlorine against destructive UV damage; chlorine neutralizers can help remove excess chlorine from water: pH & alkalinity adjusters can easily add or reduce acidity: and hardness chemicals can adjust calcium levels. The Pool Experts at Specialty Pool Products can answer any questions you may have about swimming pool balancing chemicals. Call us today, at 1-800-983-7665.

Specialty Chemicals: These chemicals include stain removers, clarifiers, cartridge cleaners and special formulas designed to remove oils, lotions & trace metals from pool water. Some specialty chemicals may become a regular part of your pool water maintenance program: others are used only when needed to treat a specific water problem. SPP caries all the top brands of specialty chemicals, for all your pool water maintenance needs.

It may seem daunting, but you'll very quickly become familiar with which chemicals to use under which circumstances. And if you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to give the Pool Experts at Specialty Pool Products a call, at 1-800-983-7665. We can help you select just the right treatment for your specific water issues.

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