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Balancing Pool Chemicals | PH Increase, PH Decrease and Pool Stabilizer

Conditioners & Stabilizers

Conditioners & Stabilizers

From $24.99
SPP pH Increaser

SPP pH Increaser

From $13.99
SPP pH Reducer

SPP pH Reducer

From $22.99
SPP Calcium Hardness Increaser

SPP Calcium Hardness Increaser

From $19.99
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SPP Alkalinity Increaser

SPP Alkalinity Increaser

From $7.99
SPP Chlorine Neutralizer

SPP Chlorine Neutralizer

From $12.99
Acid Magic Liquid Muriatic Acid Replacement

Acid Magic Liquid Muriatic Acid Replacement

From $9.99
Instant-Liquid Acid (Powder) Pool Balancing Treatment

Instant-Liquid Acid (Powder) Pool Balancing Treatment

From $23.99
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Phree & Clear Balance Tabs - 10 Lb

Phree & Clear Balance Tabs - 10 Lb


New Lower Price!

No Mor Muriatic Acid 2.5 lbs

No Mor Muriatic Acid 2.5 lbs


New Lower Price!

Accu-Weigh Digital measuring Scoop for Pool & Spa Chemicals

Accu-Weigh Digital measuring Scoop for Pool & Spa Chemicals


Quality Options for Perfectly Balanced Water, Easily!

- Control pH to Prevent Corrosion, Staining, Cloudy Water
- Maintain Calcium, Total Alkalinity & More
- Save Time & Money on Pool Water Maintenance

Pool Balancing Chemicals

Maintaining your swimming pool and sanitary water conditions requires the use of a wide variety of pool chemicals from chlorine or bromine to algaecide and shock; but all these chemicals can make it difficult to maintain pool water chemical balance. Pool balance chemicals are designed to keep pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness in check so that your water is pleasant for swimmers.

Indeed, your pool water is in a constant state of flux. Weather, oils from sun lotions, dirt, and even cosmetics all have an impact on your pool water chemical balance, which is why it's important to buy balancing pool chemicals. When your pool water becomes saturated with dissolved minerals you run the risk of having corrosive or scaling water. Pool balance chemicals keep the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels in an acceptable range so that swimmers and your pool itself are protected from damage.

Swimming pool balance chemicals control:

  • pH
  • alkalinity
  • calcium hardness

First, let's talk about pH. Essentially, pH is a measure of the acidity of your pool and is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. Neutral water is a pH of 7 and pool balance chemicals should help to keep you pH in a safe swimming range of 7.2 to 7.8. Balancing pool chemicals are designed to either increase or decrease the pH depending on how your pool water tests. A pH below 7.2 is classified as corrosive while a pH above 7.8 is classified as scaling. Use swimming pool balance chemicals to keep the range comfortable for swimmers.

Similar to pH is the total alkalinity of your pool, which essentially is a measurement of the carbonates, hydroxides, and other alkaline substances in your pool water. Alkalinity is important because it acts as a buffer to prevent drastic shifts in pH and pool water chemical balance depends on maintaining your pool's alkalinity. Pool balance chemicals keep alkalinity in the safe range, which varies depending on the construction materials of your pool.

Finally, calcium hardness is also controlled by pool balance chemicals and prevents the build up of calcium on your pool walls. Specialty Pool Products carries all your pool balancing chemicals at affordable prices.

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